Sunday, April 23, 2006

what is the Internet Ethics
Today's revolution in social communications involves a fundamental reshaping of the elements by which people comprehend the world about them, and verify and express what they comprehend. The constant availability of images and ideas, and their rapid transmission even from continent to continent, have profound consequences, both positive and negative, for the psychological, moral and social development of persons, the structure and functioning of societies, intercultural communications, and the perception and transmission of values, world views, ideologies, and religious beliefs.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

On Generation N
The generation N has been called “Net generation .” That has been popular sine 1975. They use the Internet very often. Because of this, they’re the only generation to fully embrace the Internet. And they have abundantly convenient and comfortable whit technology.
Speaking of which, today’s youth has been branded as the “Generation N.” to which many people would surprise, they have full of self-confident and skill. The N could process information very quickly. But they’re also known to be quite impatient. So they also has been called as the “strawberry generation.” They look great in appearance, but cannot withstand pressure, difficulties, and frustration. But most Gen N’s are more open to new ideas then previous generations. Researchers state that Gen N’s are more individualistic, and marry later. There’s no need to marry if you can lead a happy and independent life along, or not marry at all. And they eagerly buy and use the newest product, like cell phone or credit cards.
As a matter of fact, the Gen N’s is not bad, they have spending power and technological abilities, even though they may uphold different work ethics and values. May not be any worse then the previous one. The Gen N is already to face the future-right now-impatient.

Monday, February 27, 2006

1. Winter Olympic Competition. Describe (define) the games of Winter Olympic? Athletes?
2. What is Olympic spirit?
3. Where is the city, Winter Olympic? Describe its location and map?
4. Who is Olympic hopeful (potential players in Olympic)? Why?
5. How do the countries from warmer climates (players: AU, China) have a shot at taking home the gold? = champion, medal, premium, prize.